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Mitchell Family

The Mitchell family needs your help to raise funds for their son Hunter. To find out more about their story head on over to their GoFundMe page linked below! 

So far, all of our applicants that wanted to do so were able to procure $16,500 through fund raising. Families raised funds from a variety of sources including family, friends, co-workers, church and civic organizations, grants, events and local community organizations. ASDA assists families by sending a fundraising packet as soon as the applicant is approved.

While their case may be unusual, one of our families recently raised over $15,000 in under 36 hours through a stranger’s challenge on You can read the story here.


Keep taking a look back here as families are always in need of your love, support, and assistance! 

Tips on how to successfully fundraise



1. Successful fundraising requires being open about your financial need. Tell your story in honest and heartfelt words you’d use to explain your cause to a friend.



2. High-quality images can instantly evoke empathy in your beneficiaries and have a dramatic impact on fundraising success.



3. Getting your fundraiser in the local news will help more potential donors see your cause. 



4. Achieving your fundraising goal is not the end of your story. Donors want to find out what happened and how the beneficiary’s life has changed. Share the success of your campaign with your community by following up with updates including photos, video, or links to news coverage.



5. Chose an online fundraising website such as GoFundMe, YouCaring, or Bonfire. They are easy to use, share, and update! 



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