ASDA's Symbolic Adoption Program

The generous gift of symbolically adopting a dog will help train them to one day become an autism service dog and help a child in need. The average autism service dog costs between $40,000 and $50,000 to be fully trained before joining their forever family.  100% of your gift is tax-deductible and goes towards the training of a future autism service dog.


Our service dogs provide physical safety and an emotional anchor for children with autism. With their child tethered to a service dog, families can engage in activities as simple as going to the park or going out to eat as a family. When out in the community, a service dog increases safety and helps families feel secure. The service dog’s calming presence can minimize and often eliminate emotional outbursts, enabling the child to more fully participate in community and family activities. In many cases, the service dog accompanies the child to school, helping with transitions between activities and locations. Having a service dog helps increase opportunities for the child to develop social and language skills with others. In short, our service dogs are truly life-changing for families affected by autism.


Our mission at Autism Service Dogs of America (ASDA) is to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals living with autism, and their families, by providing well-trained service dogs. 


Working together we can make a difference in children’s lives and help them to connect with the world.



$55 Autism Service Dog Adoption

When you symbolically adopt one of the dogs for $55 you will receive a downloadable adoption certificate, picture of the dog you adopted, and a letter from the Executive Director.

$100 Autism Service Dog Adoption

When you symbolically adopt one of the dogs for $100 you will receive an adoption certificate, picture of the dog you adopted, and a letter from the Executive Director in the mail. 

$250 Autism Service Dog Adoption

When you symbolically adopt one of the dogs at the $250 level you will receive an adoption certificate, picture of the dog you adopted, and a letter from the Executive Director and an adorable plush dog in the mail.


The pups below are our autism service dogs-in-training.
Click on any picture below to symbolically adopt that dog!
Vienna is a spunky and smart girl that loves to be the center of attention. Her big personality makes up for her cute short legs.
Xander wants to learn and please and is always up for a big, hairy, fluffy hug from his humans! He has a goofy streak and shakes his head while walking backwards in his way to talk back. Sweet, loving, endearing and, yes, a little bit stubborn.
Walter loves to be close to his people any chance he can get. Seeing people smile is what fills his bucket!. He has a sensitive personality and is eager to please.  

Xara is sweet, gentle and intelligent soul who loves her ears scratched, her chest rubbed and to be part of the group.  Brisk tail wags exhibit her joy!

Xyla is a little bit of a goofball, and eager to please for either treats or praise. She enjoys people, having been to Disneyland nearly every week prior to the pandemic (Dumbo was one of her favorite rides!)

Yogi has a love for adventure and is always ready to work!  He is smart, energetic, and loyal.

Yoshi is strong, gentle and quietly curious on walks. He is affectionate, especially when you scratch him under his chin!

Yuma is full of life and spunk. Eager to work and learn, she is a joy to be around.  She is fun and spirited.

Zadie is sweet natured and loves to snuggle. She is an observer and wants to please. She is independent but will always stop for a cuddle!

Zeke is smart and loves adventure in any form! He loves spending time his people and is always ready to work.

Zeus is an old soul with a very calm temperament. He has a smart and loving personality with a desire to please.

Zion (on the left) is always ready to learn and explore! He has an energetic personality. He loves his people.

Zip is sweet-natured, loving, smart and ready to learn! He is the first to greet every person he meets.

Zeplyn is a people-pleaser and has a big desire to learn and work. She has a quiet, sensitive personality and loves to snuggle!

Yukon is an old soul who is loving and ready to please. His calm temperament and readiness to work is what will make him a great autism service dog. He thinks he’s a lap dog at 80+ lbs!

Watson is full of life and full of personality! He loves to please and is very affection motivated (although he WILL work for cheese!). The ASDA trainers are currently working on increasing his exploration of the great Oregon outdoors.

Vogue is happy and enjoys interactions with all her people. She is little in size but makes up for it with her sweet personality, desire to work, and getting kids to smile.
Vance is very gentle and laid-back.  He loves the outdoors and is always up for snuggling!

Zuke loves to be with his people and loves to be the center of attention!  He is curious about life and ready to learn.



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